Gourmet Cupcakes

                    Individual           Half Dozen               Dozen

Mini’s             $1.00                     $6.00                  $12.00

Regulars        $2.00                   $12.00                  $22.00


Fondant decorations:  $5.00/half dozen, $10.00/dozen

All cupcake flavors are available via Pre-order. Cafe cupcake selection will vary daily. For more information, follow us on Facebook or call the Cafe. Thanks!

Signature Flavors


Chocolate Dream:  chocolate buttermilk cake with a hint of cinnamon, chocolate ganache, and chocolate buttercream frosting.

Lemon Glaze:  Lemon cake with a fresh squeezed lemon glaze, topped with Cream cheese frosting.

Carrot Cake:  Carrot cake with cheesecake buttercream frosting.

Cookie Dough:  Vanilla cake filled with chocolate chip cookie dough and topped with a vanilla chocolate swirl buttercream frosting.

German chocolate:  Chocolate cake topped with a decadent German chocolate frosting.

Chocolate peanut butter filled cupcakes: Chocolate cake filled with a peanut butter filling and topped with cream cheese frosting.

Butterfinger Blizzard:  Chocolate cake filled with a rich caramel sauce and topped with Butterfinger buttercream frosting.

Red Velvet:  Red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting.

Classic Vanilla:  Vanilla cake topped with vanilla Almond buttercream frosting.

Strawberry White chocolate:  Vanilla cake with white chocolate ganache and strawberry buttercream frosting.

Mint delight:  Chocolate cake filled with a rich chocolate mint filling and topped with a mint buttercream frosting.

Cookies and cream:  Vanilla cake with Oreo hidden inside and topped with cookies and cream frosting.


Additional Flavors


Eggnog: Eggnog infused cakes topped with Eggnog buttercream frosting.

Coconut cream pie: coconut cake filled with coconut pie filling and topped with whipped cream.

Banana Cream Pie: Banana cake filled with banana filling, and topped with whipped cream.

Oreo Hostess: Chocolate cake filled with Oreo cream and dipped in chocolate ganache.

Snickers: Chocolate cake filled with snickers and caramel and topped with cream cheese frosting or Peanut Butter Frosting.

Snowball: Coconut infused cake with chocolate ganache, and coconut cream frosting

Gingerbread: gingerbread cake topped with a spiced buttercream frosting.

Caramel Apple Milky Way: Chocolate cake filled with apple filling and topped with caramel buttercream frosting.

Raspberry Hot Chocolate: Chocolate cake filled with a raspberry cream filling and topped with a whipped cream frosting.

Holiday Peppermint: Chocolate cake topped with peppermint frosting

Rocky Road: Chocolate and pecan cake, topped with chocolate buttercream frosting and sprinkled with chocolate chips, pecans, and marshmallows.

Funfetti: white cake with sprinkles mixed in and topped with your choice of icing.

Banana Chocolate with Peanut Butter frosting.

Chocolate Malt: Chocolate malt cupcakes topped with chocolate malt buttercream icing.

Strawberry Champagne Cupcakes: Vanilla cake with Champagne soaked strawberries and filled with chocolate ganache. Topped with Champagne buttercream frosting.

Chocolate Toffee Crunch: Chocolate cake dipped in chocolate ganache and rolled in toffee bits. Topped with a Caramel frosting.

Guinness and Bailey's Cupcakes: Guinness chocolate cake, filled with Baileys chocolate ganache and topped with a Baileys Buttercream frosting.

Vanilla Raspberry: Vanilla cupcake filled with a Raspberry filling and topped with cream cheese buttercream frosting.